HDMI™ Solutions Kit

Model no. HDM-WP2 SRP $219 incl GST



Utilizing the same Low Speed (EDID) Data repair process as our HDM-DAD, the HDM-WP2 will stop the capacitance that gets added to the Data feeds by distance, multiple connection points and improperly designed circuit boards. This process returns the EDID rise times to faster than the HDMI specifications, ensuring an open road for equipment communications. As with all Ethereal US made HDMI™ products, this device uses a trace equalized and impedance corrected circuit board to minimize signal loss and create the most stable path for the sensitive EDID and DDC information packets. The HDM-WP2 carries the full 10.2 Gbps bandwidth (3D, Deep Color™ and 4K/2K). The HDM-WP2 comes mounted on a Decora style wall plate for ease of installation, however it can be removed from the mounting bracket and attached with Velcro brand faster to the rear of a display or rack.

Reduced Capacitive Loading/Improved Signal Integrity

The one major failure that takes place often within the HDCP and EDID signal channel is the loss of signal integrity due to capacitive loading. Capacitive loading is nothing more than an introduction of stray capacitance from semi-conductors, PCB’s or even from the wires used in and outside the system. This loading phenomenon increases the time it takes for data to reach its intended state.

The HDM-WP2 features a 2 channel, bidirectional integrated circuit that isolates any loading capacitance and accelerates the speed of the data between two devices. This function effectively reduces the loading capacitance by half and restores the data back to its original state. However, to support this, an uncompromised effort toward maintaining the integrity of the remaining channels of the HDMI interface must be adhered to. Great efforts were taken to preserve both the video signal and video timing as the integrated circuit restores the necessary HDCP and EDID data.

Use with All Home Theater Systems

Ethereal recommends installing this device in every system. An average digital home theater system requires at least 20 feet or more of an HDMI cable or Category 5/6 cable and typically has multiple connections. Due to the capacitive loading of the multiple devices such as sources, AVR’s, displays and cabling, a recovery system is recommended for every installation.

Bi-Directional Installation

The HDM-WP2 is bi-directional and can be installed anywhere within the HDMI signal chain. Due to the efficiency of the design, this device does not require a power supply and will not impact the voltage requirement necessary for the HDMI interface to operate.

Easy to Install

The HDM-WP2 is mounted on a Decora style wall plate that can be hidden in the wall for easy access to other components. This device is very versatile and can be placed anywhere within the system, i.e. after the source and between the audio/video receiver, or after the receiver and between the display. If the Decora mounting system cannot be used, then simply remove the printed circuit board and attach to the back of any component by adding a piece of Velcro brand fastener.