Model no. HDM-SR20 SRP $939 incl GST


An innovative solution, the HDM-SR1A will ensure you can “Go The Distance” with full digital signal integrity, whether using 10 feet or 100+ feet of HDMI™ cable. The intelligent digital equalizer automatically analyzes and “Restores” the signal back to original HDMI™ specification, supporting 1080p 3D at up to 15+ meters. Place the HDM-SR1A near the display device and wait for the “Green Light.” Using red, green, yellow, and blue LED indicators for diagnostic purposes, the HDM-SR1A offers some of the most advanced HDMI™ technology available on the market today. With an integrated DAD (Digital Analysis Device), the HDM-SR1A solves Low Speed Data issues by stripping capacitive loading from the Low Speed Data and correcting corrupted EDID and HDCP (aka "Hand-Shake") data. No matter what the age or resolution of your HDMI™ hardware, the HDM-SR1A with DAD will automatically clean up the data, remove the choke hold, and provide the manufacturer's intended dynamic range. Includes EP-HDM Elite HDMI™ “CL” rated cable.