HDM-SR1-HS High Speed HDMI™ Digital signal restorer

Model no. HDM-SR1-HS SRP $759 incl GST


The HDM-SR1-HS extends HDMI cable distance 75’+ over our existing HDM-SR1A. The new HDM-SR1-HS supports full 10.2Gbps 1080p/3D formats up to 30 meters (100’+) while supporting 1080p/60 to over 55 meters (175’) The HDM-SR1-HS also incorporates the first ever High Speed Signal Re-Clocking System (HSRS). This system keeps all of the High Speed data timed and aligned virtually eliminating video/audio dropouts and jitter. The newly improved Ethereal Digital Analysis Device (“DAD”) is also incorporated into the HDM-SR1-HS. This new “DAD” technology helps ensure that your longer distance HDMI installations deliver the best possible performance using current and forecasted HDMI formats.