HDM-SR1-HS High Speed HDMI™ Digital signal restorer

Model no. HDM-DAD SRP $439 incl GST


HDMI™ failures in the field have become increasingly prevalent due to the inconsistency of hardware, lack of setup knowledge and the limited distances of transmission capability. Through our in-field research, Ethereal discovered that failures like audio drop outs and long sync times were due not to gain and frequency response issues, but rather from inconsistent capacitive loading on the Low Speed Bus.

The HDM-DAD (Digital Analysis Device) solves Low Speed Data issues by stripping capacitive loading from the Low Speed Data and correcting corrupted EDID and HDCP (aka "Hand-Shake") data. No matter what the age or resolution of your HDMI™ hardware, the HDM-DAD will automatically clean up the data, remove the choke hold, and provide the manufacturer's intended dynamic range, supporting up to 1080p 3D. Using red, green, yellow, and blue LED indicators for diagnostic purposes, the HDM-DAD offers some of the most advanced HDMI™ technology available on the market today.