Stereo Audio Cable (06 FT) 1000 Series

Model no. AS-A-1006

SRP $39 incl GST

We challenged our design team to create a line of cables driven by two criteria, performance and reliability. They delivered! The Audio Solutions Series 1000 cable line is designed and engineered to deliver the dynamics and subtleties of your movies and music. Whether you're watching a high impact movie or listening to a subtle jazz track, these cables will provide the perfect lossless playback for all your audio needs.

We designed and built the Series 1000 analog cables using the best technology available for a value based interconnect. Premium materials and shielding ensure optimal sound quality and durability to reproduce full analog and high definition. Offering a lifetime warranty, the Audio Solutions line up of cables ensure that you will see and hear the best quality audio and video offered today and well into the future. Audio Solutions is the best choice for getting the most out of your home entertainment equipment.

  • Features
  • Oxygen Free Copper Conductors (99.999%)

    Our use of 99.999% oxygen free conductors minimizes oxidation, therefore reducing resistance.

    24K Gold Plated Contact Connectors

    Not only are these 24K gold plated connectors good looking, they are corrosion resistant and provide maximum signal transfer over the life of your system.

    Durable and Easy to Handle

    A flexible and durable black PVC jacket provides great looks and rugged durability, while the color-coded metal hybrid shell makes for easy identification and handling.

    Highly Visible Color Bands

    Color bands make it easier to see what's connected where without having to unplug anything.